My life is like gathering puzzle pieces.
For a long time, I didn't know what final picture I would create, and felt anxious about not having a clearer life plan. Later, I realized that perhaps the continuous exploration of different topics, mediums, tools, and the act of creating itself are meaningful.
Some creations may not directly impact what I am doing now, but they are indispensable components in shaping my understanding of the world.
Here you can see all my puzzle pieces. Hope you can enjoy!

Product Design

HCI Insiders

Podcast Hosting & Producing

CTPJ Clickable Prototype

UX/UI Design & Front-end Development | 2022


AR Education Technology | 2022


CMU HCI Independent Research | 2022-23


UX Design Sprint | 2022


UX Design Sprint | 2022


Student UX Design @Alibaba | 2022


CMU XHACK Competition | 2023

Architectural Design & Research

Breathing Utopia

Architectural Design | 2021

Drop of Circle

Architectural Design | 2019

Radical Temporality

Architectural Design | 2022

Climber's Woodland

Architectural Design | 2023

Fold & Unfold

Architectural Design | 2018

From Central to Little Manila

Urban Design Research | 2020


Full-time Architectural Assistant | 2020-21

YES Pavilion

Computational Design Research | 2022

Piazzas in Italy

Architectural & Urban Design Research | 2019

GaoBu Village: Network

Architectural Design & Research | 2019

Film, Graphic & Motion Design

Unreal CSW

Creative Animation | 2022

Sparkling Bubbles

Installation Art & Animation | 2018