Hey! I'm Clara.
Nice to meet you!

Welcome to my color palette and take a look at my
7-year design study & practice journey.

Who am I?

7 years of design studies, research, and practice.

Why product design?

7 years of design studies, research, and practice.

From an early age, my fascination with art, history, and technology led me to the field of architectural design. During my 4 years of undergraduate studies, I diligently cultivated my skills and knowledge to become a proficient architect, driven by the aspiration to contribute to a more equitable, convenient, and sustainable human society through design.

However, my two years of post-graduation work experience exposed me to the harsh realities of the traditional industry: entrenched hierarchies, inefficiency, a lack of data-driven design, and a noticeable absence of innovation. In contrast, the tech industry embraced the audacious spirit of hacking and fostered innovation, heralding a transformative era.

Motivated by this realization, I am now resolute in expanding my design horizons and fully embracing the intersection of the future and technology. My fundamental objective remains unwavering: to leverage my education and expertise to champion social equity, enhance the convenience of humanity, and advance accessibility and sustainability.  In this new chapter, I aspire to effect meaningful change by immersing myself closely with both users and technology, driving impactful innovation.

As a designer, I work with these toolkits everyday.

From architectural to product design, from 3D to 2D...

With 3+y experience, I work with various stakeholders.

From architectural design and research to product design and HCI research.

Presentation is my destiny, storytelling is my daily routine.

And I kind of enjoy it!

As a podcaster, I enjoy talking with people.

Life is a big topic to talk about!

As a designer, I’m good at hands-on activities.

I especially enjoy crafting models!

As a designer, I always start my design with some sketches.

I have the dream of becoming an illustrator all the time!

As a creator enchanted by aesthetics and history, travel is the lens through which I perceive the world, and I aspire to explore even more places.

As a K-pop lover, I can talk about it all day!

And here are some of my favorite albums...

Thank you for reading all the way to the buttom :)
I'm always open for a coffee chat!